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Michael Joseph Homes home additions are expertly designed by a staff of successful designers and architects and masterfully built by our group of craftsmen who pride themselves within the ability and knowledge they bring to each new job. Our staff of dedicated, talented people is the reason we have continued to grow our customer base and have received numerous referrals for the design and quality of the work we have done. All of our additions include a structural guarantee and we offer you the comfort and security of an on-time development assurance as well.

Room additions deliver a unique extension to your home. Whether it’s a quaint extended family room, an expanded, spacious master bedroom, a new luxurious living room addition, or a grand kitchen, we're the solution to increase the size and functionality of your home without having to sell and relocate. Renovating a room can be as difficult as building a small home addition. Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. We've taken care of small room additions {as well as massive ones. With Michael Joseph Homes’s home addition development process, even though each project can have its own set of challenges, we pay close attention to making it as trouble-free for you, the home owner as possible.

Before you make any final decisions on a home addition, there are a number of necessary points to contemplate. First, you might want ask yourself what the principle focus of your addition will likely be. Perhaps you wish to add another bedroom. Additional bedrooms always useful to current homeowners and add value for any potential sale. Or perhaps you wish to add a small patio addition for more outdoor space. Regardless of what the function may be, the type of addition you choose is determined by its primary function.

Other issues to consider include heating and cooling, vinyl, aluminum, or brick exterior and methods to make your addition blend in with the rest of your home. Creating a room that can add to the architectural beauty of your home is also a key ingredient when it’s time to and recoup the money that was put into building your addition. For recommendations on home additions and answers to some of your most daunting questions, request for a no-obligation consultation.