Design Consultation:

Everyone is welcome to contact Michael Joseph Homes to get a free, in-home design consultation to discuss your project ideas in addition to exploring what can be done that you might not have thought of. Michael Joseph Homes are experts in helping home owners establish their vision in addition to knowing their aims. Our process begins with the first visit to your property. Our staff can examine your residence and discuss all your options without losing sight of what you are hoping to accomplish. Most homeowners make a must-have list and, because we have maintained relationships with our clients, we can show different Chicago area projects we have completed that can present different solutions to your concerns.

Michael Joseph Homes is always available to speak to you (usually several times) in the early phase of the planning process of your respective project. We can project expenses and costs that adhere to modest budgets or projects with no budget at all. Sometimes projects that started off with vague ideas turn into the most fulfilling design in the end.