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Remodeling your bathroom can be an enormous decision and here at Michael Joseph Homes, we strive to make it straightforward and simple. Our experienced team of in house technicians will complete your project on time and on budget, insured with guarantee on all products and services provided. We will walk you through all your options and answer any questions before, throughout and after your bathroom remodel. We have helped numerous homeowners in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to create their dream bathroom.

Regardless the type of remodeling desired, Michael Joseph Homes is dedicated to seeing your job through to the end meeting your satisfaction. As a family owned and operated business, we would like our clients to feel as if they're receiving the most attentive service possible. For that reason, we are dedicated to providing remodeling services which are always the highest of quality. We offer free consultations that allow you to get more information on the type of remodeling service that you need. Additionally, all estimates provided for jobs are competitive so that you recognize we are dedicated to helping you begin your bathroom remodeling.

One aspect of bathroom remodeling is selecting the right materials and fixtures. Vanities are the fixtures which have a sink mounted into a countertop that sits on top of cabinets. Vanities can set the theme of a bathroom or match the existing design of a bathroom. They can also transform the usage of space within a bathroom by creating more space. The cabinets in a vanity also provide storage space to prevent a bathroom from becoming too cluttered. The cabinets of a vanity may be built from many materials, making them customizable right down to the hardware and handles.